Oktoberfest! It’s a German Thing

Oktoberfest! It’s a German Thing
Oktoberfest is the Granddaddy of bier (beer) festivals. Imported from Munich in Bavaria, you’ll experience the ultimate biergarten experience. And in the biergarten, you’ll hoist your stein full of your favorite beer, and belt out a rousing round of “Ein Prosit, “Ein Prosit” and follow it up with a hearty chant of “Zicke Zacke, Zicke Zacke, Hoi Hoi Hoi! Ok, some Americans chant Ziggy Zaggy, but it’s all good and all fun!
The Beer: Typically in the biergarten you’ll find at least one Oktoberfest Beer, generally a medium body beer with toated malt and balanced with just the right amount of hops and sweetness. But at some venues you’ll also find your favorite IPA, ale or micro brew. But, rest assured! You will find the beer that you’ll gladly toast and sing for!
The Food: Yes, it’s German! What would Oktoberfest be without your favorite sausage, pretzels and schnitzel? At many venues you’ll also find your favorite chicken sandwich, burgers, BBQ and more!
The Activities: At the large festivals, you’ll find a lot of games and activities. Generally, the festivals starts with the TAPPING OF THE FIRKIN (the tapping of the official keg to start the event). And if you are lucky enough to be there you’ll get a free beer as you line up with the rest of the party goers. Other activities we see include: human foosball, hammer schlager, jenga, corn hole, keg rolling racing and more. And don't forget the running of the weiners (dachshud racing). You will also see Miss Oktoberfest contests, chicken dance contests and if you come to a BBGB event you might even see our famous Bavarian Pole Dance contest!
The Costumes: Outside of Halloween, Oktoberfest is your best opportunity to dress up with the crowd! The majority of attendees bring out their best German attire consisting of Lederhosen, Bundhosen and for the gals, their Dirndles. Don’t forget your best Alpine hat and Bavarian socks. Anywhere you find Oktoberfest, you can dress up! (and you should!)
The Music: Ok, most of the year you will see blues, rock and roll, country, cajun and bluegrass. But in September and October it’s all about German Music and Polkas.
The Bavarian Beer Garden Band features a strong horn (sax) sound combined with an amazing “rock” based rhythm section with an accordion! You’ll be amazed at how this all comes together for the ultimate Oktoberfest music experience!
BBGB is highly interactive with the audience and plays everything from classic German to schlager (German pop music), party rock to classic country and spectacularly morphs of AC/DC and Led Zeppelin songs into outrageous polkas. And as the evening progresses, you may even catch a Rhythm and Blues show featuring the Bavarian Blues Brothers!
You’ll find Oktoberfest events throughout the region, and when you make your decision on where to celebrate, don’t settle for just another garage rock band for entertainment. Find a good Oktoberfest experience. There are several good Oktoberfest entertainers in the area and BBGB is one of the most entertaining. Make sure you get a chance to enjoy a little German culture and hoist your stein to a rousing round of Ein Prosit.